Kevin Dooley Speaks at Kincardine,Ontario Town Council Meeting

Wednesday August 5, 2015 – At a town council meeting in Kincardine, ON today, Mr. Dooley presented the company’s research findings on infrasound and motion sickness to council members, local news media, and attending citizens. The talk was aimed at contributing to council’s decision to approve including infrasound measurements into a baseline noise survey at the Armow wind project, which is slated to bring a total of 92 wind turbines to the region. Such a study would allow direct before/after comparisons to be made on both audible noise and infrasound levels in homes near to the turbines.

Following the presentation, Mr. Dooley provided some direction to council members on how infrasound noise measurements should be made inside the home:

“First and foremost, the measurements need to be made inside the home. There is little use in measuring infrasound outside. The cyclical infrasound pattern that we believe causes people discomfort is prominent inside the home because buildings act as a filter, smoothing out the pulse-like pattern that exists outside, resulting in motion-like infrasound signatures inside.”

Mr. Dooley then briefly spoke about the company’s in-home infrasound suppression technology (model: HISU-11), which is expected to be available this fall, and is designed to bring relief to people suffering motion sickness and related symptoms.

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