US Patent Office Issues Patent for Infrasound Suppression System

We are very pleased to announce that our US patent application titled: SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR CONTROL OF INFRASOUND PRESSURES was issued as U.S. Patent No. 9,443,505 on September 13, 2016.  this is the very first patent pertaining to Infrasound Suppression to be issued by the US patent office. Company management and staff are very proud of this achievement.

The patent is made up of 30 separate claims which describe both a reversible infrasound compressor device and an electronic system for controlling the reversible compressor. Either one or both of these systems are used to form infrasound suppression devices, that can be used in homes or buildings and in any type of vehicle (land air or sea), to reduce or eliminate the effects of infrasound on the occupants. Beta trials of the in home unit (HISU-11) are nearing completion following close to 9 months of in homes testing. The company expects to make the HISU-11 available for lease or purchase in the very near future.

In vehicle testing and evaluation of the automotive VISD is planned for 2017.

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