• Infrasound suppression in homes near wind turbines could eliminate motion sickness & sleep disruption.

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There are currently no solutions to eliminate infrasound and its effect on the occupants of homes neighbouring wind turbines other than shutting down the turbines or moving people out. Both of these options have been exercised in some locations but are costly to implement and carry a negative effect on property values and furthermore, impact the returns on wind energy investment. Kevin Allan Dooley Inc. have invented an Infrasound Suppression Device (ISD), intended to suppress infrasound inside the home in which it is installed. This appears to be the first and only solution to the problem. A prototype has been developed and has undergone laboratory and field-testing, which has shown the system concept as being completely viable.

The device will be the first appliance-type solution that can be offered to homeowners and people affected by the infrasound issue, which is widely believed to be primarily responsible for Wind Turbine Syndrome (WTS). The ISD solution transposes the need for sufferers to move away from their present home while still eliminating the health issues they believe are related to wind turbine infrasound in the home. The suspected effects of long-term exposure to infrasound and its apparent contribution to stress and sleep deprivation are also averted. Short-term field trials of the system have been performed in two homes of people who are suffering symptoms commonly linked to wind turbines (WTS). These tests have proven the infrasound suppression concept in the real home environment. The objective of the prototype systems were to validate the underlying principle of the ISD. This target has been successfully achieved.


Spinning Modes Theory

Acoustic interaction between the rotating blades and the wind turbine tower, may result in the generation of Infrasonic Spinning Modes. Spinning modes appear to propagate over significant distances with very little loss, resulting in Infrasonic Barometric Pressure fluctuations along their path. Measurements in homes in the vicinity of wind turbines, using highly specialized equipment, have shown clear traces of infrasonic Barometric Pressure Fluctuations related to the turbine blades passing the tower (Blade Passing Frequency).

A recent publication1 has proposed a method of predicting the Infrasonic pressure fluctuations over long distances, which has been corroborated by measurements. The ISD has been specifically developed to remove Infrasonic Barometric Pressure fluctuations from the home. The device is a small appliance similar to an air conditioner, which once installed in the home, monitors and controls the barometric pressure inside the home to eliminate exposure of the occupants to infrasonic pressure fluctuations.The ISD is intended to improve the in-home environment of dwellings located in the vicinity of wind turbines or in the path of infrasonic spinning mode influence.